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Procrastination...It's a GOOD THING!

Hello Entrepreneurs and Business-Minded Babes! How's it going out there? Are you still hard at work, dreaming up your future empire? Or have you already jumped in, and you're building it as I write this blog? Or maybe you're reading this blog as a nice way to procrastinate whatever you should be doing right now. Well...Good. Because, when it comes to building your own small business, it turns out procrastination ain't a bad thing.

We've entered our busy season at Pop!Art Studios, so I've been running around like crazy, just trying to stay on top of day-to-day operations. Then, at night, I'm basically standing on tables and shouting out horror movie trivia between spooky paintings. It's a wild (and very fun) ride this time of year. But things weren't always this way. Not by a long shot.

Busy Season Has Arrived!

When I first started out building Pop!Art Studios, I had ZERO venues, ZERO clients, and basically just an idea of what I wanted the company to be. I knew the key was to dive in--to just cold call my ass off, get a private party booked, and wing it from there. But hello? That was terrifying!

Actually booking an event meant this was for real. It meant I was publicly admitting to my dream, and actually going for it. WHAT IF I FAILED? WHAT IF I SUCKED? WHAT IF I CAN'T ACTUALLY PAINT AT ALL AND EVERYONE HATES IT?!

Maybe you've had these types of thoughts. Maybe they're buried deep down in your subconscious. Maybe they're slowing you down. And...maybe that's not such a bad thing.

Enter Good Ole' Procrastination!

Instead of actually launching your business, or doing something that scares you out of your wits, let's slow down for a minute. Let's stay in our comfort zone--at least for a little while. You don't have to constantly be pushing yourself to your brink, to be successful. Pushing too hard will only hurt you in the long run. It's like exercise. Daily dedication, and diversity will get you fit. Pushing like crazy, doing the same thing harder and harder will just get you injured.

Besides, there's tons of little, fun things that will need to be done for your business. So why not work on those, instead?

Here are a few examples of ways I procrastinated in the early days of building Pop!Art Studios

  • Open a Bank Account

Start stashing your extra cash in an account created JUST for your business. This will make you feel official, and like a boss. Plus, it'll keep your paws off your special, Business Only Money.

Note: Be sure to check with your bank and get an account with no fees. Each bank is different, but there should be an option for everyone to get started.

  • Design your Website

This can be fun and creative if there's not a time crunch. Right now, all you've got is time. Plus, until you actually launch your site, this is free. And, it can be done at any time of day. Whenever I'd wake up in the middle of the night, panicked about the lack of progress I was making with Pop!Art Studios, doing an hour or two of web design calmed me down and put me back to sleep.

Note: I used WIX to create our site, but there are tons of website builders out there. Play with a few and find one that feels fun and intuitive to you, so you won't be cussing at it later when you're doing wesbite maintenance. Oh, and price compare their professional features. That's another way to burn some time.

Old Web Copy. Written a YEAR before we Opened!

  • Create a Logo

Ooh, what does your company LOOK like? Here's another chance to get creative, and express yourself. You can use an app like Canva (free!) or hand sketch your logo. Make one, make two, hell, make 10 if you feel like it. One day, you'll want this logo on your website, your t-shirts, your business cards and who knows what else!

  • Create Your Social Media Channels

Facebook. Instagram. TikTok. YouTube. Pinterest. The list goes on and on. You know how easily you can scroll a few hours of the day away on these site. Why not start scrolling on your business channels instead? Choose a handle that will work across all channels, and claim your space now, before someone else grabs it. Then, start adding like-minded accounts, and make a few posts introducing yourself. Have fun! You can always delete the posts later, if they don't line up with your brand or aesthtic anymore.

Old (pre-launch) Post from our IG

  • Shop For and Price Compare Supplies

I can't tell you how many late nights I spent looking for the perfect paintbrushes, easels, paint, etc. And I price compared like a motha, too! Should I have been making cold calls? Nah, I needed paintbrushes, fool! Plus, you can't cold call at 2 am, but you sure can Google art supplies and online shop.

  • Go Shopping at an Office Supply Store

Speaking of shopping...This is one of my favorites. You're gonna need pens. You're going to need file folders. You're going to need paper, and pencil sharpeners and neon post-its and thumbtacks and...well, you get the point. Go shopping! And remember--this is the best part---this is YOUR business. So if you want all your pens to have pink, fluffy pom poms on the top, you go right ahead and do that. Want a rainbow file folder collection? Do you, boo. (A great example? My green glitter clipboards. I am obsessed with my glitter clipboards.)

Note: If you haven't saved a little chunk of money, thats fine. Maybe get one or two things. Like a special pen that you use JUST for business stuff. Or a nice planner. You get the idea.

  • Make Lists

What do you want to work on this week? Next week? By the end of next month? Make a list. Lists are a nice way to feel like you're getting something done, without actually doing it. But, hey, they'll help you organize the 100+ things you need to do for your business. And, if you got a white board from your shopping trip, that's a great place to put the list. You can color code it with your new dry-erase markers. See? Woo, procrastination!

  • Create Post-It Affirmations

Did you get those neon Post-Its? Good. Now, write a few affirmations on 'em, and stick them somewhere you'll see them daily. You can write whatever you want or need to hear. Maybe 'Hang in There, Babe,' or 'You Got This.' My current affirmations say 'Show em What a Level-Up Looks Like,' and 'Art. Writing. Giving Back.' Oh, I also have one on my fridge that serves as a warning more than as an affirmation. It just says 'TAKE IT EASY!' That's in reference to the wine inside the fridge, haha.

Note: If anyone sees your Post-it Affirmations, and they tease you? Umm. Don't talk to them anymore! JK, but don't take their teasing seriously. Some people just don't get it. NEXT!

Just a Few of my Affirmations

  • Redecorate or Reorganize your Work Space

This one can really burn some time, so if you want to blow off a day or three, here ya' go. Create a safe space where you can work on your business. Even if it's just a desk in the corner of the room, take some time to make it your own. The idea is to have a special spot, dedicated to this New You. You wanna feel good in this space, different, like you're making something new and improved happen. Because you are.

  • Go to Brunch with Someone you Respect

Have a mimosa and some eggs with a friend you really admire and TELL THEM about your business. Tell them your ideas, your progress, your triumphs and even what you've been struggling with. Telling someone you respect and admire about your dream makes it real, and will help you stay accountable. After all, you want that friend you admire to see you succeed, right?

Note: Make sure the person you go to Brunch with isn't a Negative Nancy. You want to pick someone positive, healthy and happy. An optimist, please.

Brunch with Justin, who is Supportive & Always Optimistic

There are a hundred different things you can do to procrastinate...the list could go on and on.

The point is, if what you choose to do has anything to do with your business, you're still moving forward. Taking small steps, every day, is what will get you to the finish line. Plus, you're gonna need all these things eventually. And, when you find yourself, smack dab in the beginning of your busy season, running around like crazy (maybe standing on table tops and yelling out trivia, IDK) you're gonna be really happy you got the little things done.

Because, between clients, paperwork, web maintenance, marketing...Sheesh! You'd never have time to go buy glitter clipboards. And, when you finally have a minute to plop down on the sofa, after a busy day's work at your bustling, successful company? That 'TAKE IT EASY!' Post-It note on the fridge will make you smile.

Thanks for reading! Comment below with your favorite way to procrastinate & give us some more ideas.



Pop!Art Studios

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